Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cherish the love.

Otaku Designs has some really cute tattoos out! Sometimes I'm in a mood to have cupcakes on me. Sometimes, Hello Kitty. Sometimes both (mix & match). Feed your needs over here, kids! There are some really cute purple and pink Hello Kitty lucky chair exclusives to be won! There is also a fab group gift --- the Hello Kitty tats in rainbow! Otaku Designs is a small store, but what's here is lovingly made. If you couldn't tell, the owner is a cupcake fanatic! Gotta love cupcakes!

These cute tattoos also come in purple and rainbow!

The dress below is also a creation courtesy of Otaku Designs. It's set at the special price of $50L for Valentine's Day. Oh so cute and oh so easy to adjust the skirt, which I love (it's scripted). By the way, on the left side of the pic I'm wearing the rainbow tattoo and on the right I'm wearing the cupcakes (not free)!

Cute and only $50L! Won't break the bank and you'll look rockin'.

Jezzebel Rock released a subscribo gifty! A cute top called "Charisma" in fuschia! If you want the top, go to the store and click on JR's subscribo. Hit the "history" button and click #1 and BOOM! You got yourself a new top.

The emo armbands are a dollarbie at Otaku Designs! Pick 'em up!

VictoriaV has a gorgeous freebie dress out! Brown sequins with gloves, you'll be a knockout in this gown! Pick it up before it's too late!

Beautiful, beautiful dress! Don't miss this one!

Fabulous Freebies:
-Hair: Aden - $0L (group gift --- all colors!) (first three pics)
-Hair: Tekuteku - $0L (group gift) (last pic)
-Skin: Romi Juliesse - $0L (group gift) (last pic)
-Tattoos: Otaku Designs - $0L (lucky chair/group gift) (Hello Kitty pink/rainbow)
-Top: Jezzebel Rock - $0L (subscribo)
-Dress: VictoriaV - $0L (in-store) (last pic)
-Armwarmers: Otaku Designs - $1L (in-store)

Fabulous but not free:
-Love Hurts dress: Otaku Designs - $50L (ridiculously cheap!)
-Jeans: *Last Call* (no longer avail)
-Skin: D-Skin (first three pics)