Thursday, January 22, 2009

In the dead of the night

I seem to have a tendency to update the blog at terrible hours for me, like for example it's 00:35 am here... Ark! Ah well!

The skin I am wearing in all those pictures is a freebie from [...lessthan3...], just look for the small package on the table in front of you at the landing to get it. It comes with three different tones and with or without freckles.

You might be wondering what I am doing sitting on this cat with my cat paws and snowman hat? Indeed I thought you might. Truth is I thought they were all pretty kick-ass accessories! What's best? They are all freebies from Grunge Depot. Just make your way inside the store and look for the boxes on the ground in the left hand corner facing the entrance. You will get the sofa cat, snowman hat, kitty paws and much more! Thanks Ale for letting me know!

This gorgeous green coat is the new gift from Aoharu's lucky chair. There are two chairs one in the store to your left at the landing point with the coat for men and one in the store to your right for women. The letter changes every 10 minutes and with all the people around you should get it pretty fast!

Cat sofa, snowman hat, kitty paws 0l, Grunge Depot
Green coat lucky chair, Aoharu

This cute outfit on the left with top and pants is a limited freebie from PixelDoll. Just go to the store and get it for 0l. There is one for men too!

Those shoes are full of win and a freebie from Adored. The store is pretty big but basically make your way to the wall opposite from you when you land to get the shoes at the foot of the wall.

This gorgeous dress and accessories are the reward from Cilian'gel's hunt that goes on until the 24th. Just look for the cards around the store, beach and dance floor to get the whole outfit plus some extras. The cards are pretty big so you should have no trouble finding them all! The outfit is composed of 9 different parts.

Left outfit 0l, PixelDoll
Shoes 0l, Adored
Dress and accessories hunt, Cilian'gel

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul