Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Church of Luxe, Trixxy's Shop, Sky Everett and RunoRuno

I was tipped about a really cute store with a great lucky chair: Church of Luxe. You can get those mouse and cat dresses in the lucky chair, the letter changes every 10 minutes.

Dresses and accessories lucky chair, Church of Luxe

Those gorgeous eyelashes are part of a eight eyelashes pack you can get for 0l at Sky Everett. Really fun eyebrows, totally my type! (sorry about the eyebrows typo it was 2 am here when I wrote this post >_>)

Eyelashes 1l, Sky Everett

The black bra and panties shown in the following picture are a gift you receive when joining the subscribo at Church of Luxe.
The white top is a dollarbie from RunoRuno.
The key I am wearing on my back is from Trixxy's shop. Just subscribe to the the panel at the back of the store and when 50 people subscribe you receive it for free!

Bra and panties subscribo, Church of Luxe
White top 1l, RunoRuno
Key 50 subscribers, Trixxy's Shop

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul
Hair ETD


Anonymous said...

Hi - the Sky Everett gift is eyeLASHES.

okrebecca said...

how do i get the eyelashes? they are lovely, but the store is a bit confusing and overwhelmingly primmy...?

Anonymous said...

@Anon: Oops! That proves I shouldn't make a post at 2am my time ;)

@Okrebecca: Normally the LM should have landed you right next to them. They are on a board in the middle of the store.

Asthenia said...

I had some trouble finding them too :-( The slurl didn't work, so this is where i got them (and they are also 0l] instead of 1l$ so yay!

Anonymous said...

Yay Asthenia thanks I am gonna change the landing point so people can get them as well :)