Sunday, January 11, 2009


WARNING: I am a total dummy, what I thought was a dress at 1l is actually 111l! Sorry guys, since it was next to the door and on a small board my mind just assumed it was a dollarbie and didn't notice it was 111l :(

I love sims opening for two reasons: first designers often give out a small gift in their store but mostly because I get to discover a new place! And let met tell you Vagabonds doesn't disappoint. Walk around the sim and enjoy the urban/despair thing going on, it was definitely nice to explore.
While there don't forget to collect the aforementioned gifts! This great dress is from Grim Bros and this bloody slicer from Catnip. Other designers had some gifts as well, take a look around!

Vagabonds sim opening 111l (sorry guys -_-'), Vagabonds

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul
Hair ETD (can't get the link at the moment sim seems down)


Anonymous said...

The Grim Bros dress. I've been in Vagabonds 4 times, and I walked inside that shop, using my camera, inspecting all the vendors and walked out disappointed. Where did they hide it??? I found other gifts in the sideways, but no gift in Grim bros :(

Anonymous said...

Hello M,

Well I was in it this morning so I doubt it's gone. Let's see the Grim and Bros store is at the end of Vagabonds' main street. At the landing point just walk straight to get to it then the dress is in a box on the ground.

Give me a shout if you still can't find it :)


Anonymous said...

I finally found it! I had to ask someone there.... I think it had to be a SL glitch, because I was in there so long and all the rest was fully rez'ed. I loved the Grim Bros stuff, and I had decided to go back and buy the Bone dress if the freebie was nicely done :)))it sure look good on your pic!

Anonymous said...

Yeepee! Glad you found it! And I am glad it made you buy something from the store :)