Monday, January 26, 2009

Crimson Shadow and Katat0nik

Pffiou what a week-end I have had! Classes on saturday and cleaning up on sunday, totally tiring! Thank god I don't have classes again until wednesday so I can catch up a bit on both lives.

So Tox1c from Crimson Shadow was nice enough to notice me about the Valentine lingerie set they have out there for only 50l. I do think it's the same as last year so if you have it already ladies be careful. The set is on the wall in the section where they have the eyes that follow you (creepy by the way). Thanks Tox1c!

I don't know how Kat from Katat0nik does it but every time she changes her lucky chair I absolutely have to get down there and stalk it. The chair changes letter every 20 minutes and there are three different dresses so come down here and get down to some good old chair stalking!

On the left: lingerie set 50l, Crimson Shadow
On the right: dress lucky chair, Katatonik

Waking up: check
Looking around in a daze: check
Doing a blogpost: check
Okay well that only leaves me with a day full of running errands all over town, oh the joy!

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