Sunday, January 25, 2009

[42] & Sweeter Than Candy

Mi amiga Lola sent me a frantic message yesterday. "[42] has everything on sale for $42L!" Being the procrastinator that I am, my lazy butt didn't get around to going there until today. She was absolutely right --- everything (or just about, anyway) *is* $42L! Skins & shapes & clothes oh my! Should you decide to head out to [42], I would suggest tapping the subscribo, as that's the quickest way to be informed of awesome sales such as this. Also, they give notices about in-store freebs as well. The cool thing about [42]'s skin is that you can tint the lips and eyebrows to your preferences. You might not agree, but I think it's a neat feature.

Great finds to be had at [42]! Not free, but definitely worth the $42L.

Candace Morgwain of Sweeter Than Candy dropped of a little sweetie on her subscribers! This cute mint colored corset & shrug PLUS this tan hoodie! You can be happy in your hoody on a Friday wearing it. :)

There's nothing sweeter than Candance Morgwain. She spoils us so!

Fabulous Freebies:
-Hoodie & corset/shrug (pic#2): Sweeter Than Candy - $0L (subscribo)
-Fishnets: *Punch Drunk* (I think these were a previous subscribo gift)

Fabulous Non-freebies:
-Skins: [42] - $42L (what a bargain!)
-Dresses: [42] (pic#1) - $42 for both
-Hair: Kin
-Shoes: Akeyo