Sunday, January 18, 2009

Axel, Cupcakes & Freesoul!

I love sweaters, the color purple (the book and the actual color...although in my humble opinion, purple doesn't quite hold a candle to ORANGE!) and stars. What brilliant designer put the three together and has given us a supercute dollarbie? Miss Lila Axel. Of Axel. Right outside the NEW RELEASES building is a sign with a pic of the sweater. Get it for a dollar. Be happy.

$1L for happiness? You bet!

I love Cupcakes, especially ones as sweet as Mimi Coral and Rosemary Galbraith (the owners of *Cupcakes). They give out really nice group gifts quite often -- clothes and skins. This really cute bronze-colored ruffly shirt is the latest gift. Lovely design & texture as always, girls! To join this fab group, there *is* a $250L joining free, but I believe it's more than worth it, what with all the high quality gifts they shower us with. Just to let you know, Rosemary sent out a notice a few days ago that said she would release a new makeup set to the group if it (the group) hit 3,000! Right now it stands at a little over 2,800. Soooo, if you've been meaning to join but were kind of undecided, now is the time to join, my friends.

Not only are M & R generous, but they are talented! Support these gals!

And finally...

If you've never been to Freesoul, I think you should stop by. They have this dealio where if you put them in your profile picks, you're eligible for an in-store freebie each week. So, get your cute booties down there, open up a new tab and put them in your picks. I believe it might take up to 24 hours for the store to recognize that you have them in your picks, but I'm not sure. However, after a day or two, go back to the store and hit the sign that says "Profile Pick Freebie of the Week" and the subscribo-like thing will drop a complete outfit (yes, shoes included) into your inventory. Simple as that.

Channeling Cyndi Lauper circa 1982...and I love it!

Matching cute shoes. Utterly fab.

Fabulous Freebies:
-Purple star sweater: Axel - $1L (in-store)
-Bronze ruffly shirt: Cupcakes - $0L (group gift)
-B&W polka dot outfit (w/shoes): Freesoul - $0L (in-store...but you gotta have them on your picks!)
-Skin: Lazolli - $0L (in-store). Miss Laleeta previous blogged about it hurr.

Fabulous Non-freebies:

-Hair: Kin
-Glasses: /artilleri/
-Pants: (Bronze shirt pic) *Cupcakes, (in Axel pic) Jezzebel Rock