Monday, January 5, 2009

24 Shoo-Shoes and Sin and Secrets

So by a stroke of luck I didn't have classes in the end today! Yeepee! Which allowed me to log in and accept notecards from two designers that were nice enough to notice me about some great news!

First 2408 Alekseev is celebrating her first rezday by putting an advent calendar in her store, 24 Shoo-Shoes, with gifts every day for the month of january! A great idea if you ask me! While there be sure to pick up the previous gifts. The hat, shawl and shoes in the following picture are some of the gifts you can get. The boots even had a generous curves size which I must say fit me perfectly and all items have a resizing script! All in all great gifts for a store that opened only two weeks ago! 
So thanks 24 and happy rezday!

Leila Dix from Sin and Secrets is doing something that I find really nice! I will copy her notecard to you she explains it very well:


Tomorrow, January 5, is Huxly's Second Rez Day and to celebrate it with our wonderful friends and customers, I made this little dress! I'll give it to anyone who: 

- IMs him (Huxly Hudson) tomorrow and wishes him a happy Rez day and then
- IMs me (leila Dix) telling me she did :-)

Sending him hugs and kisses would be also fun!

So there you have it! Shower Huxly with love and get this hot little outfit! Thank you Leila for such a nice idea!

Dress gift from Leila, Sin and Secrets
Shoes, hat and shawl 1l or 0l, 24 Shoo-Shoes

Today i got to meet some of our readers including Victoria, 24 and munky so hello girls! If you see me in world or around the grid never hesitate to drop me an IM it puts a big smile on my face!

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul
Hair Magika