Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

We wish you all happiness, friendship, prosperity, health and all that jazz!

Thank you for a great year and thank you to our readers for the comments and nice remarks! We are here first and foremost thanks to you all so well thank you for being you. We hope you all enjoyed what we brought to you this year and we will try to do even better in 2009!

Thank you to our fellow bloggers: Takeshi, Eden, Natasha, Ding Venturio, Suri, Feodora, Myria, Renee, Linda, Creamy,  Adaire, Ashla, Tae, Gabi, Bonita, Eliza, Julieta, Annittakk, Freya and many more! It is great being a part of the blogosphere with you guys so let's all keep up the good work!

And of course a big thank you to all the designers that very kindly spoil us with their wonderful gifts!

So once again:

~Laleeta and Pumpkin~


Linda Mensing said...

Happy new year !!
*Hugs* Linda Mensing

Takeshi Ugajin said...

Happy New Year Laleeta! I am still unable to log in to Sl most of the time, so reading your blog is one of my favourite past time now hahaa. Thanks for your great work for the year 2008! It's been very resourceful!