Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Black Canary, Seldom Blue and Sasquatch Designs

So today after much lucky chair stalking I finally got the new item from The Black Canary: Porcelain Prince. It's this super duper cool outfit on the left, as per usual the letter changes every 5 minutes and the chair is on the second floor of the store. The boots I am wearing are not part of the outfit.

Indigoblue from Seldom Blue very nicely told me about a free gown she has in her store to celebrate the opening. When you walk inside the store go to  the right to find the Seldom Blue section and the gown. I cheated a bit for this picture I am not wearing the system skirt because with my shape I looked like a hot air balloon. But all of you ladies with more small shapes will love that dress!
While there drop by Eternity Silk, Singsong has her Innocence range for only 100l instead of the usual 1499l!

I received the cutest bundle of accessories from Selena at Sasquatch Designs. She has this set of neko tail and ears in 6 different colors for 0l in her store! You can also get those Road Crew Worker items for 0l and cute other freebies as well. Just go to her store and look for them on the floor to your left. The pants and shoes are not part of it!

On the left: Porcelain Prince lucky chair, The Black Canary
In the middle: Gabriella Gown 0l, Seldom Blue
On the right: Accessories 0l, Sasquatch Designs

By the way while stalking the chairs I met Coach who reads the blog, hey Coach! He dropped some LMs on me so I will have to check them out!

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul


Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Also a pair of free gold earrings at the Seldom Blue location, inside Eternity Brides.