Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crimson Shadow and Black Swan - Limited Time Offer

Hey ladies it's that time of the month again... Crimson Shadow has a new lucky chair and it's this breath taking crimson gown to the left. I tell you ladies with a neckline like this one they are all going to follow you around like pups! As always the letter changes every 20 minutes and the chair is next to a pillar close to the "eyes" section.

This blue gown on the right is totally awesome and is for 1l for a limited time! Just teleport to the Black Swan and it should be the first thing in front of you when you land.

Thanks Tox1c for sending them both to me!

On the left: Mythical dress lucky chair, Crimson Shadow
On the right: Ember dress 1l for a limited time only, Black Swan

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul