Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Carnival of doom and Gipsy Soul

Lokum was nice enough to send me the new outfit from the lucky chair at the Carnival of Doom. It's this bloody mess, I love it! The chair is in the barn to your left at the landing point.
Thanks Lokum!

Bloody dress lucky chair, Carnival of Doom

I saw Ding blog this and I knew I had to tell you guys about it too! Gipsy Soul has a free sock with a gift for you at the entrance of its store. Thanks Ding for the great find!

Outfit 0l, Gipsy Soul

Non free stuff:
Shape from Soul
Hair 0l Zero Style


Anonymous said...

It kinda sucks when you find out that something you paid for a year ago ends up in a lucky chair though... :\

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling Anon, most of the new items in the Crimson Shadow lucky chair I already bought a while back.

Then again it proves that those store choose beautiful outfits to put in their chair and not just a reject they know they can't sell :)