Sunday, February 1, 2009

Katat0nik, Dutch Touch and Dark Mouse

As some of you know fellow blogger Venturino opened his own poses store, VPoses. Yesterday he was nice enough to send me some couple poses with accessories he has in store so you know where those awesome (but not free) poses come from today! And yes I know those are couple poses I am modeling alone not need to rub salt into the wounds!

Anyhoo Katat0nik has this really adorable dress for only 25l in store, it should be amongst previous releases in the corner to your left when you enter the store.

Red Rina dress 25l, Katat0nik

Dutch Touch sent a pack of Valentine's tees via its subscribo. They come in seven different colors with the same writing on it, I am wearing the red one in this picture (duh!).

Those fetching bangles and earrings (you can't see sadly) are Dark Mouse's february subscribo gift. Just click on the subscribo's history in store to get those.

Valentine tee subscribo, Dutch Touch
Hearts and Love jewelry susbscribo, Dark Mouse

By the way not featured on this post but Adam n Eve is having a hunt, here is a peek at the notecard so you know what to do:

We will be holding a mini hunt throughout the Adam n Eve store on Sunday 1st February 2009. You will be hunting for items reduced to 50L, 100L and 1L. This includes skins, hair, shoes, gowns and boutique items.
This hunt will begin at 2am SLT Sunday 1st February 2009 and finish at 2am SLT on Monday morning 2nd February 09.
There will not more than 2 items in each area of the store. 
Please don't spoil the hunt for others by passing cheats and lists. Bargain Basement not included

Totally used a thesaurus to do this blogpost, I am tired of constantly referring to things as cute when dainty is such a delightful word...

Non free stuff:
Poses VPoses
Shape Soul
Shoes ETD