Friday, December 12, 2008

AyYaiYai and Marinoco Fashion

The outfit on the left, the green dress in the middle and the blue pants in the outfit on the right are all prizes from the hunt going on at AyYaiYai. You will be looking for 50 candy canes scattered all over the store. They are really small but the store is quite small itself so there are not a lot of places where you can hide 50 candy canes in it. Thanks Casia for the landmark!
The blue sweater in the outfit on the right is this week dollarbie group gift from Marinoco Fashion. Get down to the store and buy the sweater for 1l while wearing your group tag.

Outfit on the left, green dress and blue pants 1l hunt, AyYaiYai
Blue sweater 1l group gift, Marinoco Fashion

Non free stuff: