Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holy Roller Novocaine

Okay, so I was listening to Kings of Leon when I came up with the title of this post. It fits, so sue me. :)

*Little Fish* has a new store! To celebrate the opening (and Christmas), they've spoiled us with loads of freebies! Horray for the fishies!

When you walk in, to your right, there will be a wall of discounted items and a row of cute freebies!

This red Asian-style shirt is sure to draw plenty of admiring glances!

Such a cute shirt for hanging around with the gang or for snuggling!

The texture on this Asian-style blouse is soooooooo pretty!

These dresses are just way too cute to pass up!

This cute and sexy outfit is in a huge Christmas box in the middle of the store!

While hanging with the BFF, I inspected her hair (rather than simply asking where her hair was from), and saw that it was from Novocaine. I'm sure many of you have been there, bought stuff from there , blah blah blah. It's a new-to-me store, so bear with me. So, never having been there, I decided to take a little trip to their main store.

While browsing amongst the hip clothing, I noticed a red Christmas box on a table. So, I snooped and discovered that the generous owner, Novo Zimerman, had laid it out for the holiday season. Inside to box are: a cardigan, a frayed top, a sweater dress, and two hairstyles.

The festive hair & shirts are adorable!

You can be a sexy little elf in this number. Also comes in red (free also)!

The fab skin I'm wearing in all the pictures is a dollarbie from *Beauty Avatar*! It's in the section where all the skins are (obviously). I'm not sure how long it'll be there, so hurry your buns up and get it and all the other sweet freebies you've seen!

Fabulous Freebies:
-Shirts & pants (first three pics): *Little Fish* - $0L (in-store freebie)
-Dresses (fourth pic): *Little Fish* - $0L (in-store freebie)
-Christmas set (fifth pic): *Little Fish* - $0L (in-store freebie)
-Frayed top/cardigan (sixth pic): Novocaine - $0L (in-store freebie)
-Sweater dress (seventh pic): Novocaine - $0L (in-store freebie)
-Hair (sixth pic): Novocaine - $0L (in-store freebie)
-Skin: *Beauty Avatar* - $1L (in-store dollarbie)

Fabulous Non-freebies:
-Boots: *League* (there's freebie leggings under the Christmas tree here!)
-Hair: ETD (Pics# 1-4) & Novocaine (Pics# 5 & 7)
-Shoes: ETD (Pic#5)