Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last day before freedom!

Tomorrow I have my last exam before my holidays! Yay!! So I thought I would blow off some steam by doing a quick blogpost before bed.

This gorgeous coat is in the lucky chair at The Black Canary. The chair is on the second floor and the letter changes every five minutes. There are other items in the chair though so it might take a moment before you get the coat.

Coat lucky chair, The Black Canary

Those leg-warmers are a group gift from Katat0nik, join the group in world and check the past notices to get them.
This cute dress on the left is from the Axis Mundi Christmas tree and costs 25l. This purple dress is from the lucky chair at Katat0nik. I know Pumpkin blogged it a while back but I finally got mine so I had to show it off!

Shoes group gift, Katat0nik
Dress left 25l, Axis Mundi
Dress right lucky chair, Katat0nik

The sweater in the outfit on the left is from the Axis Mundi Christmas tree as well and for 25l. The shoes are still the group gift seen above.
The pants in the outfit on the left and the top and pants on the right are all from ETD. Since the sale ends on the 25th of december I wanted to remind you one last time that you can get those for only 30l! Shoes, hair, clothes! So if you haven't gone there yet you still have some time left.

Black sweater 25l, Axis Mundi
Black pants 30l, ETD
Top and pants on right both 30l, ETD

And that's it for tonight! Wish me luck and next time I will see you all I will be freeeeeeeeee!

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