Wednesday, December 17, 2008

KA Designs and Axis Mundi

Just a quick post because I'm loving my outfit and I thought I would share!

KA Designs is giving great gifts in its store, the twist? You have to find them. They add new ones regularly, I think they are up to number 16 right now. Anyway the top and necktie I'm wearing are gift number 12. Take a look around and pick some of the gifts!

I love those pants! They remind me of when I used to go to the circus as a kid! They are only 25l at the foot of the Axis Mundi's Christmas tree so go get them, they are worth it! They even have prims cuffs which I love on pants!

Blue jacket 0l, KA Designs
Pants 25l, Axis Mundi

Non free stuff: