Saturday, December 20, 2008

Playing with Razors

Miss Lola79 Hienrichs pulls double duty on a daily basis. Not only is she a designer herself (she owns and creates for Otaku Designs, making delectable tattoos), but she's also the manager of Razor Mall. I absolutely love this mall. It's spacious, it's filled with great designers and it's nekoriffic.

Do as the sign says!

What you'll be looking for are these green & white candy canes.

Don't eat these babies! Inside is a fabulous gift from Razor Mall vendors!

Here's a listing of the fabulous stores that are participating in the hunt (note: vendors may add more candy canes to the hunt at a later time):

Razor Creations
OA Designs
Jezzebel Rock
Otaku Designs
Rare Breed
Sassy Kitty Designs
Nekorotic Misfits
Hot Rockstar
Laa Lee Teknoshop
Metal Gear

Jezzebel Rock owner Sinogue Anatra is a very generous woman. Whenever Razor Mall has a hunt, she throws loads of her merchandise in balloons, candy canes or whatever vessel is used. Plus, she has an awesome new camping chair that you can plop your butt on for 20 itty bitty minutes for some fun and imaginitive clothes! That's what I did in the middle of the hunt. I couldn't help myself! I don't have much self control when it comes to her clothing, sorry. :) So, I did what any blogger would do: modeled the clothing gained from the hunt from the comfort of the camping chair.

The mistletoe pajama set from Jezzebel Rock comes with the slippers!

The reindeer pajama set from Jezzebel Rock is classy, girly and lovely.

These Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired pajamas from Jezzebel Rock have Jack's face on 'em and are adorable!

This yellow sequins top from Jezzebel Rock is perfect for clubbing or adding a little "oomph" to a blazer! The snowflake tattoos are just one of the awesome gifts from Otaku Designs.

I love Sinny!

The lovely top from Sassy Kitty Designs gives a sexy edge to the Mrs. Claus look.

While I was browsing around Razor Mall, [RockBerry] group members were treated to a gorgeous new gift courtesy of Heather Beebe, the sweet owner/designer of the group. The skin is delicate and perfect for the season! If you can see the pretty, dainty earrings I'm wearing in most of these pics (you might have to click to pic to get a better view), they're from OA Designs and they're available for the hunt!

[RockBerry] designer Heather Beebe is very generous to her group year 'round!

I ran into one of the owners of Razor Mall, Miss Sevannah Bailey, who warmly greeted me. She's at the mall often, making sure everything is running smooth and that both patrons and vendors alike are happy. Sweet as can be (and very busy!). She also co-owns Razor Creations with her hubby Rycan Kraken.

Sevannah Bailey is the co-owner of both Razor Mall AND Razor Creations. Behind her, the new addition: lucky chairs!

I enjoy every trip to Razor, and I think you will too. They have hunts for every major holiday, so it is well worth joining the Razor Mall group.

More awesome gifts await you in the candy canes!

By the end of my journey, I was exhausted. I had to hitch a ride with Santa! He didn't mind one bit!

Need a lift?

Fabulous Freebies/Non-freebies:
-Mistletoe pajama set (slippers included): Jezzebel Rock - $0L (hunt gift)
-Hair & Skin: [Curio] & *Bebae* - Not free

-Reindeer pajama set: Jezzebel Rock - $0L (hunt gift)
-Hair & Skin: [Curio] & *Bebae* - Not free

-Nightmare Before Christmas pajama set: Jezzebel Rock - $0L (hunt gift)
-Hair & Skin: [Curio] & *Bebae* - Not free

-Top: Yellow Sequins top: Jezzebel Rock - $0L (hunt gift)
-Skin: [RockBerry] - $0L (group gift)
-Hair: [Curio] - Not free

Pic#7 (left)
-Hoodie & leggings: Jezzebel Rock - $0L (camping gifts)
-Skirt: ** [Riddle] ** - Not free
-Raggedy Ann shirt/jeans: Jezzebel Rock - $0L (camping gift)
-Skin: [RockBerry] -$0L (group gift)
-Hair: [Curio] - Not free

-Mini pull jacket (Mrs. Claus-esque top): [Sassy Kitty Designs] - $0L (hunt gift)
-Skin: [RockBerry] - $0L (group gift)
-Hair: [Curio] - Not free

-Hoodie: Jezzebel Rock - $0L (camping gift)
-Skin: [RockBerry] - $0L (group gift)
-Hair: [Curio] - Not free

-Hoodie: Razor Creations - $0L (hunt gift)
-Legwarmers: Otaku Creations - $0L (hunt gift)
-Boots: Lazy Places - $0L (previous hunt gift)
-Jeans: *Last Call* - Not free (no longer available)

-Everything from pic#11
-Hat: Rare Breed - $0L (hunt gift)