Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tuli, Axel and The Black Canary

Good morning everyone! 

This is gonna be a quick blogpost as I have to cook lunch still!

Anyhoo the skins I'm wearing on those pictures are the new group gift from Tuli. She sent us 3 different skin tones of her new skin and I am wearing tan and medium here. As always joining the group costs 250l but it's well worth it as the gifts are truly good. By the way the skins also come with two shapes!

Niki Axel from Axel was nice enough to send me their new dollarbie in store and it is this beautiful little dress! Gives us a nice break from all the sweaters doesn't it?

This fetching hat is the group gift from The Black Canary. The group has over 150 member now and to celebrate this Morrigan very nicely sent us all this hat! Congrats Morrigan and thank you!

Skins group gift, Tuli
Dress 1l, Axel
Hat group gift, The Black Canary

Enjoy your sunday everyone!

Non free stuff: