Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday morning surprises

Yay for classes free days!

Since I've been out of the loop I hope this isn't old news for all of you.

The dress on the left is Ivalde's Peace on Earth hunt gift.
The purple mini dress is a dollarbie from Kissable Kitties. They have a big wall of dollarbies there, so have a look around! Thank you Barbie for telling me about it!
The folkloric outfit is the Peace on Earth Hunt gift from Tuli. It comes with the shoes.
And last but not least you can get that gorgeous gown on the right in the cave under Elvie's Closet main store for 1l. You have to be wearing your group tag to do so. Since the group registration is closed while the gift is out this is more of a heads up for people in the group already.

Dress on far left Peace on Earth hunt, Ivalde
Purple mini dress 1l, Kissable Kitties
Folkloric dress Peace on Earth hunt, Tuli
Dress on far right 1l group gift, Elvie's closet

Non free stuff: