Friday, December 19, 2008

Bare Rose, ETD, Ivalde and Basz

Freedom! It's mine!

And what better way to celebrate than by doing the hunt at Bare Rose? It's really easy too and as always the prices are gorgeous. The hunt begins here with instructions about it.
The gorgeous skin I'm wearing in all those pictures is from Basz and is a group gift, isn't it beautiful? Just join the group and look in the past notices for it! Thank you Barbarella!

Skin group gift, Basz
Dresses hunt, Bare Rose

This pink dress is gift number 19 from Ivalde, as always the gift is at the foot of the Christmas tree wear your group tag and click on it to receive the dress.
Those white trainers are the gift you receive when you subscribe to ETD's subscribo. Just leave and join again if you are already part of it.
The outfit on the right is another gift from the Bare Rose hunt.
Pink dress group gift, Ivalde
Black Santa dress hunt, Bare Rose
Trainers subscribo, ETD

Now I am going to enjoy my newfound freedom with a good book, see you later!

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