Thursday, December 11, 2008

This and that

The pearl jewelry set on the left is a freebie from La Maison de Cendrillon. It should be at the foot of the stairs when you enter the store.
The Esprit de Neige jewelry set on the right is ~flirt~'s gift for the Peace on Earth hunt. This set looks so delicate, I simply adore it! While there have a look around at the new releases, I personally bought the new Bloom Ring. It never leaves my hand anymore!

Esprit de Neige 0l Peace on Earth Hunt, ~flirt~

This gorgeous dark green coat, Elizabeth coat, is from PixelDolls' subscribo. Please keep in mind the black pants are not part of it. As always to get it go to PixelDolls' store clic on the subscribo to register and look in its history for the coat.
This lingerie set is the group gift from Reasonable Desires for this month. Just wear your group tag, go to the store and click on the board, that should be behind you at the landing point, to get the set. Thank you Isabeau for telling me about it!

Elizabeth coat subscribo, PixelDolls
Christmas Anne lingerie group gift, Reasonable Desires

I just wanted to end this post by waving at Casia one of our readers I met the other day! *waves* never found that store Casia though :(

Non free stuff: