Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sn@tch and Happy Happy Update Group

This cute little dress on the left is the new group gift from the Happy Happy Update Group. Just join the group for 0l and look in the past notices for it.
This red dress on the right is a freebie from Sn@tch. At the landing point look for it on the wall to your left.

On the left group gift, Happy Happy Update Group
On the right 0l, Sn@tch

There is a snowball hunt going on at Pulse, the sim where Sn@tch main store is, just look for the snowballs to collect the prizes. Lots of snowballs around but be careful as they are not all set at 0l! I have seen some at 10, 25, 75 and even 100l so check before taking the prizes especially since some of them are the same.
Here is a small preview of the gifts you can find:

Outfits and accessories Snowball Hunt, Pulse

Non free stuff: