Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Footprint hunt locations

There is a hunt going on called the Footprint Hunt and it takes places in different japanese stores. The hunt starts here! You will be looking for socks and cookies, once you find the prize in a store you will get the landmark to the next store. The hunt ends on the 25th of december.

Here is a peek at some of the prizes!

Outfits skin and hair, Footprint Hunt

EDIT: Kyra Pfeffer IMed me in world, apparently the locations that were sent to me were made by her and she did not want them to get published so of course I'm taking them down ;)
Sorry Kyra :) !


Anonymous said...

1 of those places has 3 prizes, and one has 2, and theres supposed to be 28 locations, if the rest could be posted that would be great! i have gone mental with hunts !!!! aaaaaah lol , specially after my 100 folders got accidentally deleted from the POE hunt, i had to give up!

xxo but thanks for these, definately helps alot!!!

Anonymous said...

Sure I'll try and drop by the store to see if I can find the others ;)

Kyra Pfeffer said...

Thank you ^^
Just we don´t want to publish in blogs that´s all, since they did publish in our own blog. This hunt were did by my friend (I don´t know if she want to appear name here) and completed by me. if someone needs help about this hunt just contact me I will grateful to help.

Kyra Pfefefr said...

ops I am sleeping lol
little correction:
"since they didn´t publish in our own blog"