Monday, December 29, 2008

MichaMi and Katat0nik

*baps away at the confetti and pushes the gifts wrappings behind the couch*

Hello hello! I am back for the moment... that is until I get started on my New Year's barathon!

Anyhoo if this post is old news to you bear with me as up until yesterday I was still too drunk to type!

MichaMi sent those gorgeous bustiers via its subscribo as a Christmas gift. Just go to the store and check the subscribo history to get them.

Bustiers subscribo, MichaMi

Those Gingerbread and Hanukah dresses are gifts from Katat0nik you can either get them for 0l at the Axis Mundi Christmas tree or look in the group notices for them.

EDIT: The dresses at the foot of the tree are a bit different than the one I am wearing that are from the group notice, they are less detailed but still very cute. By the way I have been in the Katat0nik group so long I forgot: to join the group you have to spend at least 250l in the store and then you will get invited. Being in the group is really worth it though!

Dresses group gift, Katatonik

That's all I've got for now folks! Always a bit hard to get back in the loop when you have been away for a while but don't worry I shall have something delicious for you soon! Until then... *throws smoke grenade and crawls out*

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