Saturday, December 6, 2008

Miscellaneous Saturday

Hey everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your week-end!

Before showing you the gifts I found today I wanted to explain something. During this whole month there is an event going on called Peace on Earth Hunt. It's a very special hunt which holds more than 300 designers. Each designers has put a small replica of the Earth in their store and this replica holds a gift from them.
Why am I explaining this? So that you all know what I'm talking about this month when I tell you that an outfit is the Peace on Earth gift from a store.

Now that this is clear let's get it on!

The shoes worn in all those pictures are the Peace on Earth gift from The Black Canary as well as the scarf worn in outfit number 5.
The two outfits on the left and the top in the middle outfit are dollarbies from Axel. The dress should be in front of the subscribo, the green top and red pant are in the middle of the square and the yellow top should be in the Venus shop.
The gold pants in outfit number 3 and 4 are a gift from League's subscribo. Just click on the subscribo in the store and you should receive it.
The pink top in outfit number 4 is a dollarbie group gift from +Lo*momo+. Join the group then go to the store to buy the top. It also comes in blue.
Outfit number 5 (on the far right) is a gift from Sin and Secret. Get it at the foot of the Christmas tree in the store. Thank you Leila :D !

Shoes Peace on Earth Hunt, The Black Canary
Dress 1l, Axel
Green top and red pant outfit 1l, Axel
Yellow top 1l, Axel
Gold pants subscribo, League
Pink top 1l group gift, +Lo*momo+
Scarf Peace on Earth Hunt, The Black Canary
Outfit on the far right 0l, Sin and Secrets

Non free stuff: