Saturday, December 20, 2008


The pink outfit on the right is from RBZ Design for 1l.
The grey pants on the left are from League, just look for the Christmas package at the entrance of the store.

Pink outfit 0l, RBZ Design
Grey snowflakes pants 0l, League

There is a hunt going on in the store and mall at Marinoco Fashion, seven gifts in total with outfits from different designers. Here are two of them.

Dress and lingerie hunt prizes, Marinoco Fashion

PixelDolls is putting some of its oldest products for only 10l. Granted you can see the difference in quality compared to the recent products of the store, some outfits are still really nice and fun to grab like for example this one on the left. Look for the outfits framed with red to find the 10l bargains in store.
This sweater and jeans outfit is a limited offer gift from Little Fish look for it on the counter of the store along with other gifts!

On the right 10l, PixelDolls
On the left 0l limited offer, Little Fish

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