Sunday, December 14, 2008

Goodbye, Free Speerit, we hardly knew ye.

The Sophster loves me. I swear. She lets me know about all sorts of sales, freebies and group gifts. I am lucky to be her friend!

Today, she IMed me and let me know the Free Speerit has two new group skins out! Miss Desidelia Vella, the talented designer behind Free Speerit, is taking a sabatical. She left this message for her group:

"Well the sim Free Style is about to disappear in some hours, but also some FS team memebrs left and some disappered, plus my grandfather just died, so many RL and SL problems, for all this Free Speerit will enter in a short parenthesis of inactivity till I resolve all RL and SL problems.
Here I leave a gift in whats supposed to be released soon, this time with and without tears.

Thank you all for your support and happy christmas

Desidelia Vella"

So get the goods while they're still available! We here at Baking Cupcakes wish Miss Desidelia a quick return!

I let my BFF Ang know about this and she joined the group ASAP. Here we are with the skins:

Ang (L) in "Kimberly (Christmas)" & Me (R) in "Kimberly (Crying)"

Ang: "Now this is thuggggg life!"

The skins at the store are discounted too, I think (or a good number of them, anyway). Check 'em out!

Fabulous Freebies:
-Both skins: Free Speerit - $0L (group gift)

Fabulous Non-freebies:
-Everything else.


Anonymous said...

omg the skins are so pretty thanks so much