Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crimson Shadow, Kouse's Sanctum, Gigi Couture and Hal*Hina

There is a new item in the lucky chair at Crimson Shadow and it is seriously drool worthy I love it! The letter changes every 20 minutes but it is soooooo worth it! *goes off in lala land*
Thank you so much Voshie for sending it to me!

Black Latex set lucky chair, Crimson Shadow

This beautiful gown makes me think about my lovely friend Cen, I know how much she loves Kouse's Sanctum! Get the dress for 1l at the foot of the Christmas tree.

On the left I am wearing dollarbies you can find at the foot of the Christmas tree in front of Gigi Couture.
On the right I am showing off the cute new camping prize from Hal*Hina. You have to be a member of the group to camp and it's only 20 minutes! The camping chair are at the top of the stairs behind you at the landing point.

On the left 1l, Gigi Couture
On the right camping 20 minutes, Hal*Hina

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul
Hair ETD