Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Night Fever

Okay so maybe it's not night time yet where you live but it is for me and I have classes tomorrow so I apologize for the rush in this post!

Red dress new lucky chair, Crimson Shadow

Orange lingerie set 0l, Seldom Blue
Pink and red lingerie set 20l, Seldom Blue
Red gown and skirt Peace On Earth Hunt, Cilian'gel

Pink Dress 0l gift under Christmas tree, Marinoco Fashion
Teal dress 1l group gift, Marinoco Fashion

Non free stuff:
Shape from Soul
Skin from RockBerry
Hair from Frangipani


Green Dream said...

Psst, the lingerie sets are the XMAS Starlight set (red and green, not orange) and the BLACK STARLIGHT set. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha thanks I went with what I had I was in a rush when making that post :D !