Thursday, December 4, 2008

House of Nyla, Deviant Kitties & Tuli!

Wow! What a day to be a gal in SL! Many gifts were handed to us, and we should be thankful for the generosity bestowed upon us from these great designers!

Today I got a notice that House of Nyla, who designs gorgeous, funky and fresh dresses, had released a fantastic Christmas dollarbie at her store! This awesome Mrs. Claus-inspired costume is absolutely perfect for the holiday season! I wore it around for most of the day/night and I found that it made me a little cheerier and more excited for Christmas! It's intricately detailed, which is the norm for any outfit Miss Nyla Cheeky designs, and just plain FUN! This outfit comes complete with jewelry and shoes! How awesome is that? Go grab this nifty little number soon, because I don't know how long Miss Cheeky is going to keep this up!

Tuli Asturias, the generous owner of Tuli, dropped off some GORGEOUS unnamed freebie skins to her group members ($250L to join --- give a little, get a lot in return!) this evening. I began drooling as I tried on each skin.

S5 V2 Medium 03 (tentative name)

S5 V2 Light 02 (tentative name)

S5 V2 Light 05 (tentative name)

S5 V2 Medium 07 (tentative name)

"Here it is folks, a sample of the soon to be released remade S5 skins. Now, "S5" is not a very good name, so I am giving you a competition with some really nice rewards, to find a good name. I hope you all will get creative and enter! The deadline is saturday december 13, so get snapping!"

I know that *I* will be racking my brain for good names! If you haven't joined her group, I strongly suggest you do. You will NOT be sorry!

Deviant Kitties also dropped off a special Christmas gift to the subscribo members. This cutie patootie hair is red, green and white with -- get this -- blinking Christmas lights! I got a kick out of thisand I will definitely be wearing this all month long. Maybe even in May, if the Sophster gets her way.

That does it for today's freebies. Hope you enjoyed the show, kiddies! Now go and visit these wonderful store! Go for the freebies, stay to look around at the non-free stuff! :)

Fabulous Freebies:
-Skins: Tuli - $0L (group gift)
-Hair: (pics 1-5) Philotic Energy - $0L (lucky chair)
-Hair: (pics 6-8) Deviant Kitties - $0L (subscribo)
-Outfit: House of Nyla - $0L (in-store freebie)
-Christmas tree in last pic (far left) & "Peace on Earth" candle: Di Carnelli's Landscaping - $0L