Monday, December 15, 2008

Rhaz and Crash

Rahzinhaa Pera the owner of Rhaz Store very nicely noticed me about a great bargain in her store. She has a fatpack of five different pants, tops and leggings in bright colors for only 50l, not a big price to pay when you think of how many outfits you can create by mix-matching it all. The three outfits on the right are part of that fatpack. When you get to the store walk along the wall to your right to find it.
While there look at the entrance for the Peace on Earth gift, this cute red dress on the left.

Red and gold dress Peace on Earth Hunt, Rhaz Store
Pera Cute fatpack 50l, Rhaz Store

Casia was nice enough to notice us about a hunt going on at LA Street Scene in the chatter box in the sidebar (*hint hint*). Though the hunt is not really in motion yet, I only noticed two gifts, I still went home with some goodies. Among others Crash has a bundle of gifts at the entrance of its store worth getting just because they are way fun!
Thanks Casia for the tip!

Shorts and tees 1l, Crash

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul
Hair ETD