Friday, July 25, 2008

Pig's Kick Closet

You may already know about Pig's Kick Closet extremely generous ways, but if you don't then you sure as hell better join the group! ^^ Just search up "Pig's Kick Closet", and join. Simple as that. Now on to some of my favorite gifts in the group. She sends out so many, its almost one gift every day! I'll just show some of my favorites, because there are too many to post.
Gift No. 43 - Cami/Dress

Gift No. 05 - T-shirt
Gift No. 36 - Dress/Cami
Gift No. 12 - Cami

Gift No. 15 - Dress/Cami

Gift No. 08 - Socks (They didn't really match, but I had to fit the cute things in somewhere. ^^)