Thursday, July 3, 2008

Waves and the Both Of Us

I never have an idea of what I should title my posts, so from now on i'm just going to title it by the song I last listened to. Because I am just that brain dead at the moment. So the finds in this post are from Sh*t Happens, and they have been very generous to us freebie hunters by putting out a bunch of boxes filled with quality freebies for us to enjoy.
This absolutely adorable suspender dress isn't free, but it is 10L and very worth it. You can find it at Sh*t Happens as well, on the front wall with all of the other deals. Take a look around at the other stores too, because they have the best deals. The store across from Sh*t Happens has hair priced at 100L per color of hairstyle, and its gorgeous hair too. About all of the outfits on the front of the wall are 10L as well. In all of the following pictures, everything I am wearing can be found in the freebie boxes other then the hair and the skin. Im telling you, this place is a wonderful find.
(There are about 20+ tattoos, but this was one of my favorites.)
There are many more outfits, accessories, eyes, ect. but I only have so much time in the day! Go check it out for yourself, and don't hesitate looking at the regular priced clothing too, thats just as fabulous.