Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday freebies!

*coughs from the dust*

We have been a bit lazy lately haven't we? Well with Cailin gone Calista and me are down, so hard to go in search of freebies! But still I got some very nice things for you today!

This beautiful swimsuit can be found in Sysy's store just at the entrance. It's really detailed, I for one love it!

When I saw this PJ I knew I had to blog about it! It's the cutest thing! You can get it from Fall Designs.

I haven't done a post about jewelry for a long time! So here goes! The earrings are a nice dollarbie from Amour and can be found on the second floor and the necklace is from Razzor Creations.

I love new store opening it usually means freebies! And those are nice one too! You can find them in KA main store. Four gifts for women and two for men! When you land just head on over to the main store the freebies are at the entrance in the middle.

Step back ladies I'm hot! This beautiful outfit is from Razzor Creation as well. They have a nice selection of freebies at the entrance of their store so do drop by :]

I always like to end my post with an unusual outfit! The sword, the parasol and the silks are all freebies from Stygian. The parasol also comes in white and the silks in lot of different colors. There are also two other swords!

Well I'm jumping back in! See you around folks :]

Non free stuff:
Skin, shape and eyes from SOUL
Hair from Sirena


Nikki Zenovka said...

ooooh swords! my inventory lacks in swords, so I know where I'm headed on my next log in.

and... dang I paid actual lindens for that KA Design freebie at their last sale. Now I need a sign that says "no, I'm NOT wearing a freebie!" lol

Laleeta Xue said...

I'm glad I could help you find swords Nikki :]

And for the KA design do send a picture when your sign is done :D