Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beauties at Aoharu

I got a little tip about some goodies in the AOHARU update group, and soon as I opened the boxes I fell in SLove. The gifts include some hair, shorts, bunch of tees and a dress.All the clothes are so beautifully detailed, so make sure you join! They may be gone soon! I have never actually been to the store but you can plan that I will! the shorts are so great, I really love boy surfer shorts, I got some last night from Reaction girl but after a painful transaction error process I ended up paying twice as much because they refused to refund my money and just gave me the shorts =\. But oh well lol.
The hair is also really pretty, the picture doesn't do it enough justice since this type of hair really can't be caught due to the way it moves, but you'll love it, it only comes in blonde however :)

I know I haven't posted much lately but it's hard to find really good freebies that I like :P (plus Cailin goes superman speed style and snatches em first lmao) and I'm not just gonna post any old thing, plus I've been busy makin new products for my store. but I'm keepin my eye out for goodies I promise!