Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Aftershock

The stores are filled with 4th of july freebies today! LOL I think I have enough outfits for the next few years, and I didn't even log in long enough yesterday to make the clothes worth it :p, oh well. and Since I'm not wearing them till maybe next year, and theres no point in any of you wearing them (unless you're outfitted patriotically more than once a year) I'm not gonna show them right now.

There was also not much of a choice in freebies today, so I put together this outfit to show you (some stuffs been shown before), and I'll be back if I find anything else :)Free Stuff:
Hair - Kylie in Platinum from Frangipani
Shirt - Spring flowers in purple from Cupcakes update group
Pants - Blue flower jeans from Synsual Secrets
Shoes - Purple legwarmers & boots from Katat0nik