Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bare Rose Newbie

Okay I love Bare Rose, it's one of my favorite stores, and I still haven't seen all there is to see, mostly due to lag and because there is just so much! But can you believe I've never been in the freebie section? Crazy right? lol Well I went today and there is a LOT of stuff for 1L or free. You really should go check it out :) here's two of my favorite things I picked up.
Here's the link right to the freebies so you don't have to wander around and get lost lol.
Bare Rose Freebies!


CeN said...

BareRose freewall is the place I bring many new players, love it!
It has a male and female AO as well, they aren't the best in world but they are 1L and it's a decent start for new players. Also a cool Drow skin for those that would like to RP on a budget.

Anonymous said...

/me bonks Calista on the head and points to herself on the blog's banner

Calista Janick said...

LOL Laleeta i totally didnt notice!! rofl