Friday, July 11, 2008

Beauty Avatar

I took a much delayed trip to Beauty Avatar today while I had some free time on my hands, and this is the free shtuff I walked out with. ^^

I know that this skin and dress have already been blogged by Laleeta, but I thought I would give them an honorable mention because of the flawlessness of the skin and the classiness of the dress.
This intricately designed lingerie set is just one of the dollarbie gifts they have out in the undies department, (Which is on the second floor of the women's clothing building) but the other set showed my bewbs which I don't feel too comfortable showing on here. You can check them out in the privacy of your own home. ^^
This cute cute corset is a brand new gift from the Pixel Dolls group. Just look it up under groups, and it will be under the past notices. Thats it for now - happy hunting!