Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The return of the cupcake!

I'm back! And as soon as I logged on I got a notice from the Girls Style store in Japan City Tokyo so of course I had to check it out!

Let me tell you it was worth it! I got to pick up those beautiful swimsuits for 0l. They both come with a skirt but I couldn't make mine fit. When you teleport to the store the swimsuits are on the table at the entrance.

I also found those two beautiful dresses for 1l each! They are on the back wall of the store.

The shoes I'm wearing also come from Girls Style, you can get them for 1l on the first floor of the store next to the 30l shoes. 

All in all a very cute store with lots of good bargains so definitely worth checking out!

By the way if you haven't got them yet the bangles I'm wearing can be found in the freebies/cheapies section of the Sn@tch store. It's to your right when you enter the store.

Not free stuff:
Hair from ETD
Skin, shape and eyes from Soul
Necklace from Mouse Mimistropbelle's shop