Thursday, July 3, 2008


When I heard there were freebies over at Wishbox, I ran down there to take a look, I own some things from there and I absolutely love them, It's a lot of fantasy apparel, for princesses, faeries, ect. I wasn't disappointed at all, there are two pillars there for 0L one has this beautiful set of wings, and in the other is this lovely green corset. The wings are a bit difficult to see in the pictures because they're just so thin and pretty,but if you need to dress up as a fairy or just need some pretty wings, these are perfect.
The Corset has great detail, although if you don't want some certain parts showing you'll have to wear a shirt underneath it, which isn't a big deal, we all love layering right? lol

Not Free:
Hair: Petite from Deviant Kitties
Skin: S5 Diva tan 3 from Tuli
undershirt: Sweet tank black from Paradisis