Friday, July 25, 2008

Callie Cline's Freebie Geebie!

Callie Cline is having a freebie week! You only have to join the group "Cal Gal" And go to her store, there will be several gift boxes scattered around (lots of designers!), kinda like a hunt except that they're really big and easy to find. here's some stuff I got ^^, you should also check the notices for past gifties ;)
This really pretty wedding dress slash Lingerie Corset if you drop all the frilly's, it's really cute and you can even just use the top with some jeans ^^.

The top and stockings here are part of the giveaway too, and the shorts are from the Cupcakes update group

I also found this super cute bikini today, and since you can never have too many, get your booties down to the Laughing Academy and grab it!