Monday, July 21, 2008

Lingerie Expo & Loads of GGs

HAI! I'm not too wordy today, so I will just give you the freebz.

Choker in 8 Colors: OPIUM

Beach Dress: IBizarre

Hair (Not Free): Diversity Hair

Skin: Tuli
Bathing Suit: tga swimwear

Hair: BooN

Bathing Suit: Short & Sweet Designs

Lingerie: Bianca F.

Lingerie: Carnal

Lingerie: here.

Capris: Kanayama

Bracelet & Earrings: Freebie from the Starlit Sky Event by Itutu. (Over.)

Blouse: *DP Serenity

Hair & Skin: Group Gifts from Gala & Rita Design Announcements


Anonymous said...

LOVE the Bianca. Thanks! :)

Cailin Navarathna said...

Welcome! ^^