Saturday, July 19, 2008

We <3 Japanese malls!

I came across a really cute mall called LicoLico, And I was so excited because not only was the stuff super super cute (I got a cupcake shirt!!) But there were some adorable freebies...check em out!This nurse swimsuit/nightie/outfit whatever it's supposed to be lol is sooo adorable!

I also found this dress, the prims on it move really sweet, just like they look like they should.

and i found eyes, these are just some of the few

and a bag!

And this little panda merry go round!! It pops up when you type and just spins n spins it's great, I just need to make sure to keep it away from Cailin, because these are baby Pandas and we all know what happens...

Like I said, the mall is super cute! Really awesome stuff and I didn't get to check out the entire thing so there are probably still really nice things to be found ^^ See ya there!