Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cute Little T-Shirts

I came across a box full of adorable t-shirts and other things at Roll The Dice when I was just wandering around, and it was a treasure trove. Look at some of these clever little shirts! Just click on the freebie sign to get these.
This cute tee has the Pot filled with popcorn saying, "Pop it like its hot."

There are many more free shirts in the package, plus a free pose and shorts. All the nail colors I am wearing in these pictures came in the freebies box as well. The jeans you can get for free at Torrid Wear - they are a dollarbie, and also come in a skinny version to wear with boots. The hair was a previous group gift from Comme Il Faut and the bangles are a dollarbie at +plus along with a cute dollarbie shirt that I have on below.

Happy hunting everyone! ^^