Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feeling Girly

This morning when I woke up I went through my daily routine: blindness by sunlight, death by account deficiency and notecards browsing. That's when I stumbled upon a notecard from Beauty Avatar. I decided to tp there and have a look around, not even believing for one moment that I would find something that I like as I'm really picky about skin.

I was wrong. When you land at the store make your way to the counter of the Skin, Shapes and Eyes section, here you will find this beautiful skin and outfit for 1l only! The gifts come for men too so guys head on over there!

Here is a closer snapshot of the skin so you can see how beautiful it is. The eyes are a freebie from Shoe Fly and can be found on the second floor of their store for this week only so go get them!

This outfit is made from two freebies, the tee comes from RIDDLE and can be found for 0l on the table inside the store and the jean is part of a fatpack for 0l too from Kat Killer.

It seems like Cailin and me share an addiction to Ivalde! This beautiful outfit can be bought for 1l in Ivalde main store. It's just to your right when you enter the store.

Another gorgeous outfit you can get for 1l is this evening gown from Bliss Couture. When you enter her store it's on the wall to your right.

Now those of you that know me will tell you that I'm a goofball that loves crazy outfits. I think I found our winner for the day!


Behold the outfit from Purrrrfect Kitties' lucky chair: The Rave Kitty!

Free stuff we blogged about previously:

Not free stuff:
Shape from Soul
Hair from ETD
Ears and Tails in last picture from Purrrrfect Kitties