Friday, July 4, 2008


Just a post before I am off doing patriotic things! I went to explore Cassiopeia Isle and found these gems at their street sale for the Fourth.

This light and pretty dress is a dollarbie at Elate!'s kiosk for today only. The bracelet are Lady Bangles from Talisman, the hair is from FrangiPani that I had in an earlier post, and the eyes are from another kiosk at the Street Sale; Spork.

These super cool boots are from the kiosk of Shabby Chic for one linden, and the top is from the Elate! Kiosk for another one linden. The jeans are a dollarbie from The Gnubie Store.

This cute star tank is from the Big Boob Boutique kiosk, and it also comes with another cute tank.
There are some other great finds here, but these are my favorite. Go check them out for yourself! There is also this beautiful dress that I seem to be missing the landmark of, but I am relying on you to find it. ^^