Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hide & Seek

Well, today is a lucky day for you guys. I have nothing at all to do, so when i'm bored I hunt. And when I hunt you know what happens: I find things. And today was the same. Except for the fact that I found ALOT of things.
First up is
Sh*t Happens - again. I decided to go in there and pick up a few cheap things from the front wall when I cammed around and found a freebie wall. On the wall was this suspender shirt, which comes in twelve different colors. TWELVE. I know!

Next up is this outfit on the front wall at Sh*t Happens which is sadly not free, but 30 linden. I just thought it was uber adorable and cheap as well, so pick it up if you have the funds.
Here is this more simple outfit also for just a linden on the freebie wall. The shirt comes in about 6 different colors, and the jeans pack comes with shorts, two pairs of capris, and a pair of jeans.This shirt comes in many, many different options for one linden as well. The shorts come in the jeans pack.

This bright number is the Punk Outfit on the freebie wall, and I love it. Im not too sure when I would be able to wear it, but im storing it for a day I feel like being crazy and bright. (The cherry tattoo you can see peeking out from the skirt is also a dollarbie. ^^)

This gorgeous little dress is free at [CRAP] and the flower accessory in my hair is a dollarbie at Eolande's. The hair I am wearing is a freebie that I blogged about in an earlier post.