Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gold Lion

So I know I haven't posted for a bit, but it was all because of the fourth of July aftermath. Now i'm back and armed with loads of cute finds for you.
This free outfit is from RaeCee and comes with the shirt and shorts, . It also comes in brown, green, red, and violet. The hair is from ETD on the freebie wall, with a bunch of other gorgeous hair styles.

This hair is also free from ETD, comes in a fat pack. The cute promo bag is from comes from Gritty Kitty of course, and its at the entrance. Take a look around the main store too, but don't get lost - the place is huge. The pants are a dollarbie from the Artilleri section at The Gnubie Store, and the shirt is free at 141. And there are your finds today! I have a lot more that I have been meaning to post.. And I will get to that. I'm going to be leaving on vacation this week and I just want to hang out with my friends before I leave, but I will try to get in one more post today.