Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oooh Sparkly!

I know you're all probably going through a withdrawal from Cailin being gone, we sure are! lol, but here are some nice things you can go pick up!The shirt and pants here are from The Promenade, and you can find them for 1L, there's also a cute blue dress, I know Cailin woulda loved!

Lemania has a new gift out too! And i always really love the gowns from there, I ended up with some nice sparkly ones today.
Like this one from Nicky Ree (who is one of my favorite designers btw!) It's so pretty and sparkly you'd really have to go pick it up yourself to see just how lovely it is.
I do love sparkly textures if they're done right, and these dresses are just too pretty! and for free what more could ya want ^^